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Events are additional classified by physical body system as well as provided in order of reducing regularity according to the following definitions: regular damaging occasions are those happening on one or even more events in a minimum of 1/100 individuals; seldom damaging occasions are those happening in much less than 1/100 patients yet at the very least 1/1000 clients; unusual occasions are those happening in less compared to 1/1000 clients.

Cardiovascular - Frequent: tachycardia, postural hypotension, hypotension. Occasional: high blood pressure, bradycardia, edema (extremities), angina pectoris, extrasystoles, cardiac failure, flushing, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial ischemia. Rare: passing ischemic assault, phlebitis, atrial fibrillation, heart apprehension, bundle branch block.

Central and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders - Frequent: paresthesia, migraine headache. Seldom: hyperkinesia, vertigo, hypertonia, extrapyramidal problem, leg pains, involuntary contraction, hypokinesia, neuralgia, dystonia, irregular gait, hypesthesia, ataxia. Unusual: irregular sychronisation, hyperesthesia, ptosis, amazement.

Gastrointestinal Disorders - Frequent: saliva enhanced, unwanted gas. Infrequent: gastritis, gastroenteritis, stomatitis, eructation, piles, dysphagia, teeth grinding, gingivitis, esophagitis. Uncommon: colitis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, duodenal abscess, gastroesophageal reflux, glossitis, jaundice, diverticulitis, rectal hemorrhage, hiccoughs.

Hemic as well as Lymphatic Disorders - Infrequent: purpura, anemia, epistaxis, leukocytosis, leucopenia, lymphadenopathy. Uncommon: lung blood clot, granulocytopenia, lymphocytosis, lymphopenia, hypochromic anemia, coagulation disorder, gingival bleeding.

Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders - Frequent: reduced weight, increased weight. Irregular: boosted hepatic enzymes, thirst, completely dry eyes, raised alkaline phosphatase, uncommon glucose resistance. Unusual: bilirubinemia, hypokalemia, obesity, hypoglycemia, hepatitis, dehydration.

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